Jolie Jolie Jolie Jolie
Solo projects from the members of Nightingale available at and 


Order CDs by PayPal here or send a check to Becky Tracy
104 Washington St
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Jolie is $15. Shipping is a flat amount of $3 for any number of CDs.

  1. Newmarket Polka / Trip to Dingle
  2. Jolie Louise
  3. Barter's Hill / Lucy Campbell
  4. Rhode Island
  5. J'ai vu le loup / The Polka Piquée
  6. Scotch Mary / Lizzy in the Lowground / Trails of Kubinek
  7. Beau Rossignol Sauvage
  8. Bourrée de Marguerite de Gennes / Le curé de la chapelle / Les échos du Puy Mary
  9. 1800 and Froze to Death
  10. Cadieux / The Popcorn Reel / The Golden Wedding


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